Sunday, June 11, 2017

Coupland, Texas, June 2017


I found a real town, although I'm not sure how real it is.  Main street is called Hoxie St.  The business district is about two blocks long.  Over the hill is the local post office.  It has a well maintained old inn and tavern exterior and some office buildings across the street.  Up the road from the tavern is a section of railroad with a car and a small station.  All of this (except the offices) seems to be for tourists.  However, the inn was closed when I was there.

This is an addendum to my series of posts about cities and towns in Williamson County, Texas, if that wasn't obvious.

Williamson County, Texas, June 2017 - Final Note

Final Note

After visiting some actual cities and towns in the southeast of Williamson County, I went looking for what I thought would be villages.  These had names on my county map like Beyersville, Structure and Noack.  However, each of these locations had between zero and two buildings other than homes.  Even some of the buildings were obviously abandoned.  One of these locations (Structure) even had a sign.  I'm curious to know whether these are historic towns, now back to farm land or vanity towns that one person or a group decided to register just for fun.  I was mostly driving on county roads between farms.  Once I stopped at an historic marker and two cars pulled up to see if I needed help -- within 5 minutes of each other.  I guess they don't get much tourist traffic in the area.

Also, this series started with a post about Georgetown, Texas, if you want to get an explanation of what this current set of posts is about.

Thorndale, Texas, June 2017


This is actually in the next county, but a good place to turn around.  This city has a developed main street as well as a municipal building across 79.  Although the buildings looked recently painted or cleaned, the street was mostly deserted.

Thrall, Texas, June 2017


This town is actually named after a person.  This is a very small community with most roads being gravel.  There is a new-looking municipal building but also several completely dilapidated buildings.

Taylor, Texas, June 2017


It was much easier to find city center here since this is a fairly developed city.  However, I didn't find city hall until I was wondering around looking for parking.  There was a nice looking church near by that looked like its bell tower had been lopped off at the top.  Although there were plenty of store fronts, the area was not very active while I was there and looked like a depressed or distressed city.

Hutto, Texas, June 2017


I found city hall on a frontage right next to State 79, after wandering in houses for a while.  The city center seemed to be an intersection at 79 but there was just a gas station and a couple of houses.  79 is parallel to a frequently used railroad track.  I also noticed some silos on the other side of 79 by a railroad siding.

Brushy Creek, Texas, June 2017

Brushy Creek

I never found the town center.  Have theorized it is really part of Cedar Park, but I'm not really sure.  I took a picture of the Elementary School insteand.  The whole area looks like developments with recent main road, but with rural (older?) roads around the edges.